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Welcome! Come on in and set a spell. Although a transplant, I'm a southerner through and through after living in the South for more than two decades. If you happen on a book you think you'll love, click on the cover art or one of the venue images. Those will get you right to where you need to be to learn more!


 Wilder Tower in the nearby Chickamauga Battlefield is one of the things that inspired me to write about this region. Most of my YA stories are set in the fictional town of Landry, Georgia, fashioned after the many small towns where I've lived and visited.


Pigeon Mountain brings in many visitors to this area annually. Little do they know there is an International Best Selling author living nearby.


 Cloudland Canyon has the most breathtaking views in the area...



 My name is K.C. Sprayberry. I write books for just about everyone. Very few subjects are forbidden. Take a trip through the tabs, check out what I have available. I hope you enjoy my stories!